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Drug treatment programs help people who have lost hope of living normal lives because of addiction.  Through relapse prevention programs, they teach people how to survive in environments that are not conducive to a drug free lifestyle.  They also highlight the impact that an environment which fosters drug use can have on a person’s ability to live a quality life.

The more the demand for drugs the greater and more urgent the need for effective drug treatment programs. Treatment and recovery from addiction can be a long road when you don’t have the help you need. Our drug treatment programs offer the opportunity to overcome drug or alcohol abuse for a brighter future. Services include alternative therapies and relapse prevention training to ensure that you have the tools and resources necessary to live a sober lifestyle. However, before you can benefit from any treatment program, you must take the steps to learn more about what they have to offer or how they can change your life for the better.

Benefits of Drug Rehab

Becoming sober is a process that also includes detoxification, counseling and other intensive services from a professional board certified team of doctors, nurses and counselors. We help you to work through the rehab process in a supportive environment that continues long after your inpatient stay. During treatment, clients have the opportunity to utilize a wide range of services that may include individual counseling and group sessions.  Alternative therapies are also designed to promote a smooth transition back into a sober lifestyle.

Underlying mental health issues are addressed along with addiction to prevent a recurrence of drug abuse.  Mental health plays a significant role in addiction and treatment for those seeking to overcome drug or alcohol dependencies. For example, depression or anxiety may cause clients to turn to chemical substances for relief from the symptoms of these mental disorders. When mental disorders occur simultaneously with addiction this condition is known as dual diagnosis.

When treating patients with a dual diagnosis, extra emphasis is placed on relapse prevention because one condition can trigger the other. Preventative services can include:

  • Referrals to community based programs
  • Long-term outpatient counseling
  • Therapy sessions to promote a healthy lifestyle after the initial inpatient program is completed.

Importance of Professional Help

There are many reasons to opt for professional help to overcome drug addiction.  Assistance from qualified, experienced addiction clinicians increases your chances of safely eliminating drugs from your physical body and addressing psychological issues and past traumatic experiences that no one can effectively do on their own.

Professional counselors also equip you with a variety of tools and coping mechanism that you will be able to use as a defense against temptations to relapse.  Newburgh Drug Treatment Centers offers the best therapies for a wide range of substance abuse issues.

If you or a loved one is in need of professional services, call Drug Treatment Centers Newburgh at (845)245-2395. This is the most important step toward finding hope for a new, more fulfilling life in the future. All your information is confidential and you will receive care in a compassionate, safe setting that focuses on eliminating dependence permanently.

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